Robert’s Rebel Yell, Part 2

Robert, Ned, and Jon Arryn split up at Gulltown and agree to meet each other in the Riverlands with lots of armies to march on King's Landing. But Jon Connington has other ideas!

Most Promising Promise of All Promises

The perfect follow-up to a podcast that beats R+L=J to death- Good Ol' Dead Ned and his Promise.

‘The Spoils of War’ (7.4) – Instant Review

...oh boy...

The Watchers On The Couch:Season 5, Part 1

Game of Thrones returnes 7/16 and in preparations, #TPTWP return with their rewatch and review of the episodes of Season 5!

The Watchers On The Couch Season 1, Part 1

  The Princes That Were Promised- In Summation of Game of Thrones Season 1... Click on either link to hear the first episode of The Watchers On The Couch Official Rewatch... Or... The Watchers On The Couch Official Rewatch:Season 1, Part 1  

The Be-Headings of House Stark

When I consider the patriarch of the Stark family, his first-born son and his base-born son, the first thing I think of is be-headings.