The Seven-Pointed Star #3 – ‘The Queen’s Justice’

#TPTWP cover the 7 observations, scenes, performances, supplemental materials, or facts about 'The Queen's Justice' (7.3) that are most important to the success or failure of the episode.

The Watchers On The Couch:Season 3, Part 1

#TPTWP continue their 'GoT' Rewatch project as The Watchers On The Couch. In Part 1 of their Season 3 coverage, JPJKK and SeannieWan discuss and dissect the episodes of Season 3 (2013).

The Watchers On The Couch:Season 2, Part 2

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The Watchers On The Couch Rewatch Season 1, Part 3

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Stannis on The Blackwater

The current featured image is the most righteous of the Baratheon brothers. In this image- King Stannis Baratheon, under the impression that he may be A'zor A'hai reborn, is crossing the Blackwater Rush to attack King's Landing in what would be the climax of The War of The Five Kings. It is reminiscent of George Washington crossing … Continue reading Stannis on The Blackwater

The Watchers On The Couch Season 1, Part 1

  The Princes That Were Promised- In Summation of Game of Thrones Season 1... Click on either link to hear the first episode of The Watchers On The Couch Official Rewatch... Or... The Watchers On The Couch Official Rewatch:Season 1, Part 1