The Royal Decree for October 2017

The Royal words of #TPTWP doth bringeth thy news of thy Realm.

The Royal Record of Episode Quality Ratings

To coincide with our Season 7 Full Revisitation Episode, The Promised Princes hath released the Royal Records of Episode Ratings. Herein thou can vieweth the ratings numbers in various lists...

The Revisitation:GoT Season 7

The Royal Vacation is over and #TPTWP begin their Revisitation of Season 7.

The Royal Decree For September 2017

The Royal news and notes for September as it pertains to Westeros.

The Watchers On The Couch:Season 5, Part 2

#TPTWP rewatch Season 5 and discuss the characters of note.

The Watchers On The Couch Rewatch:Season 2, Part 1

Options to listen... Check out the audio... or go and visit the web page... Either way... enjoy!