‘Siege of Storm’s End During Robert’s Rebellion’ by fkcogus333

Fitting perfectly with #TPTWP current series covering Robert''s Rebellion, 'Siege of Storm's End During Robert's Rebellion' is as visually epic as the ramifications of the civil war waged between the Rebel forces and the Targaryen Loyalists.

Robert’s Rebel Yell, Part 2

Robert, Ned, and Jon Arryn split up at Gulltown and agree to meet each other in the Riverlands with lots of armies to march on King's Landing. But Jon Connington has other ideas!

The Best Place To Live In Westeros

This essay can also be found under the Featured Image for August 2017. Visit Felix Sotomayor at feliche.deviantart.com.

‘Highgarden’ by Felix Sotomayor

#TPTWP featured image is titled 'Highgarden' by Felix Sotomayor.

The Seven-Pointed Star #4 – ‘The Spoils of War’

Despite the amazing visuals, the name 'The Loot Train Battle' should be warning enough of how uneven the sequence is.