No One (305)

Listen to #TPTWP criticize David Benioff and D.B. Weiss for producing television that doesn't seem to understand Arya Stark.

A Catelyn of Thrones (14.1)

If there was a House Dumb-Idiot of StupieLand, the matriarch would be Catelyn Stark (or Tully, as it were) and the sigil for House Dumb-Idiot would be a crude depiction of the synapses in Catelyn's brain lighting up as she takes advantage of a situation to further her personal agenda of escaping from the North and stumbling into her own circle of power in the South.

‘Stormborn’ (7.2) – Instant Review

#TPTWP deliver their instant reaction and review for GoT Episode 2 of Season 7- 'Stormborn.'

The Watchers On The Couch:Season 3, Part 1

#TPTWP continue their 'GoT' Rewatch project as The Watchers On The Couch. In Part 1 of their Season 3 coverage, JPJKK and SeannieWan discuss and dissect the episodes of Season 3 (2013).