The Royal Decree for February 2018

The Royal News from The Royal Mouths via the Not-so-Royal hands of the Royal Typist.

Game of Thrones:The Final Episodes – a Royal Mini-Royal-Decree

Game of Thrones Season 8 news has officially started and the first bit is a whopper!

The Royal Record of Episode Quality Ratings

To coincide with our Season 7 Full Revisitation Episode, The Promised Princes hath released the Royal Records of Episode Ratings. Herein thou can vieweth the ratings numbers in various lists...

The Best Place To Live In Westeros

This essay can also be found under the Featured Image for August 2017. Visit Felix Sotomayor at

Love Against Duty:The Line in the Sand

by John Khantzian for The Princes That Were Promised “For Love and Duty"- it is a phrase that has appeared and continues to appear throughout dramatic storytelling of any medium: film, serialized television, and countless times in the literature of the West. It is a phrase that functions as the reason a character cannot take … Continue reading Love Against Duty:The Line in the Sand

Renly Baratheon and Where He Gets Off…

These different and sometime conflicting versions of the same minor character of A Song of Ice and Fire aren't so glaring that they take anything away from the story... However, Renly Baratheon's schizophrenic personalities don't help people such as John and I when we task ourselves to analyze and understand what should be, in all honesty, quite a simple exercise.

The Be-Headings of House Stark

When I consider the patriarch of the Stark family, his first-born son and his base-born son, the first thing I think of is be-headings.