#TPTWP Episode 13.2- Show Notes…

The Basics of Hoster Tully
Hoster Tully is described as tall and broad, strong, with blue eyes and brown hair. 
His armor is silver plate-and-mail, his cloak, and surcoat blue and red. The crest atop his helm was a silver and bronze trout. His shield was massive and made of oak-and-iron. He owned a hunting horn and rode a brown gelding.
Hoster had always been a proud man. He could never sit still and was often traveling. In his older years, unable to travel, he would enjoy watching The Red Fork and The Tumblestone from his solar in the keep of Riverrun
Hoster became the Lord of Riverrun at some point during 264 AC upon the death of his father. 
Tully funeral customs involve the body of the deceased being placed in a boat and sent down the Red Fork of The Trident and set aflame by a fire arrow shot by the Lord of Riverrun. During his father’s funeral, Hoster missed his first shot but found his father’s body with the second arrow. 
To back up a bit to before he becomes the Lord of Riverrun
Hoster Tully married Lady Minisa Whent of Harrenhal while his father ruled The Riverlands, before The War of the Ninepenny Kings. Together, Hoster and his wife Minisa had three children, though there were three more that did not survive past infancy. The timing isn’t very clear as to if Catelyn was born before the death of her two brothers, though it seems unlikely she was. It is clear that Lady Minisa bore Hoster two sons that did not survive and therefore Hoster came to regard Catelyn as his heir. Another daughter followed CatelynLysa, and finally a son- Edmure. Lady Minisa bore another son after Edmure, but Minisa did not survive that childbirth and the son died along with her. As reflected upon by Catelyn in her POV, Hoster Tully truly loved his wife and was deeply scarred and saddened by her death, missing her and just as sad decades later.
This is the timeline for this generation of House Tully
Hoster Tully– born between 238 and 240 AC
Minisa Whent– born no later than 250 AC
Dead Tully Male 1– born and died before 264 AC
Dead Tully Male 2– born and died before 264 AC
Catelyn Tully– born in 264 or 265 AC
Lysa Tully– born between 266 and 268 AC
Edmure Tully– born between 267 and 274 AC… Whaaaaaaaaaat 
Dead Tully Male 3– born and died between 268 and 278 AC
As of 264 AC, when Hoster Tully is the Lord of Riverrun, he is married to Minisa for a few years and his two sons have died as infants. It is quite possible that Catelyn has been born and is herself an infant, or at the very least, Lady Minisa is pregnant with Catelyn
Hoster’s first moves as Lord of Riverrun in 264 AC was to secure alliances, as this political practice had been key to House Tully’s survival and success throughout their history. 
Hoster Tully sought a marriage alliance for his brother Brynden with Lady Bethany Redwyne. Brynden would have nothing to do with the marriage and this was the beginning of a long feud between the two brothers. 
Brynden was younger than Hoster by five years, though they were close throughout their childhood. 
Although it is unknown what Bethany Redwyne‘s direct relationship to the main branch of House Redwyn is, she is a noble lady of a powerful House in another region of Westeros. As it happens, Bethany Redwyne marries Mathis Rowan, the Lord of Goldengrove. Goldengrove, like The Arbor, is located in the south-west area of The Reach– far from The Riverlands. It is common knowledge that The Great Houses abide by the practice of marrying with vassal Houses to keep their alliances strong, thus consolidating their power within their region. This practice must originate from the time of Seven separate kingdoms. 
Brynden Tully and Hoster Tully are in canon the only children of their father and mother, who are not named in canon. It can’t be said if they had any other siblings that died before their time. 
Brynden and Norbert Vance, who would go on to become the Lord of Atranta, the seat of House Vance, squired together for Lord Darry, whose exact identity in the Darry family-tree is also non-canon. Brynden and Norbert would have a good relationship through their adulthood. 
In 260 AC, Brynden fought alongside his brother in The War of the Ninepenny Kings against The Band of Nine on The Stepstones. He proved himself a great and worthy knight and his prowess on the battlefield earned him renown throughout The Seven Kingdoms
Although The Blackfish is one of the more popular supporting characters in ASoIaF, there is a contingency of the fandom that dislikes him and views his refusal to marry to shore up alliances for his House, his quick dismissal of Edmure Tully‘s life in AFfC, and his refusal to yield Riverrun thus putting all of its people in very real mortal danger, not to mention the way he scoured the land and dismissed useless mouths from the castle, as the actions of a selfish, out of touch, old man.
At the time of Hoster‘s attempt at a marriage for Brynden, Brynden was a real catch- the heir to Riverrun, a knight of known courage and skill, and of a Great Noble House. After his refusal to marry Bethany Redwyn, other marriage offers were made from vassal houses such as House Bracken and House Frey. Brynden still chose to remain unwed. Our fearless leader and the father of fiction, George R. R. Martin has never shed light on why Brynden Tully, a true fan favorite minor character, made this choice either in his writing or personal thoughts on the character. A popular and very sensible theory is that Brynden Tully is gay. As in he likes men. As in he would much rather marry a dude. 
Brynden Tully‘s choice to remain unmarried caused much strain between him and his brother. During one of their fights, Hoster called him “The black goat of the Tully flock.” Brynden pointed out the obvious- that their sigil was a fish. He would be a black fish instead of a black goat. From that day on, Brynden took for his personal sigil a variation of the Tully sigil, a black trout jumping instead of a silver trout, and became known as The Blackfish.
As per Catelyn‘s POV from ASoIaF, she believes herself to be Hoster‘s favorite child. When he grew tired, she would read to him in his solar. She recalled that her father was often away from home and frequently stayed at The Crossroads Inn. Catelyn and Lysa would sometimes accompany him on his journeys through the region. When they did not, Hoster would tell Catelyn to wait for him at Riverrun when he left.
Lady Minisa Whent seemed to be a sickly woman. This idea is argued by the fact that she carried a child six times but is supported by the death of 3 of those children and recollections by Catelyn in her own POV of her mother often being ill. 
Although Hoster‘s relationship with Brynden was not in a good way, his children and his ward all greatly enjoyed Brynden‘s company. When Hoster was busy with Riverrun business and Minisa to ill, they would go to their Uncle with their everyday stories and issues. One example that is telling to both Brynden‘s relationship with his nieces, nephew, and brother’s ward and to his relationship with his brother was a young Petyr Baelish drinking himself stupid after Catelyn rejected a kiss from him. She had just been betrothed to Brandon Stark of Winterfell and the news was as upsetting for Petyr as it was exciting for Catelyn. To prevent The Lord of Riverrun from seeing his ward in such a state, Brynden carried him away from the table he had passed out upon and put him to bed. 
So… About Littlefinger…
Petyr Baelish was short and skinny for a boy his age but was very clever. He was a bold child and got into trouble often enough. 
His great-grandfather was a sellsword from Braavos who came into the service of a Lord Corbray. His son became a hedge knight and took the stone head of the Titan of Braavos as his sigil. Somehow this hedge knight was rewarded a few stone-covered acres of land on the smallest of the Finger Islands and became a very minor Lord. This man befriended Hoster Tully during their service in The War of the Ninepenny Kings. The friendship led to Petyr being sent off to Riverrun to foster. Petyr was raised along with Hoster‘s children. Edmure gave him the nickname Littlefinger because of his short stature and his family’s home on The Finger Islands. The nickname stuck with him throughout his life. 
The boy grew close to all the Tully children. He had accompanied Lord Hoster on at least one journey that he made to Seagard.
As he grew older, Petyr fell in love with Catelyn. She was several years older than him, with Petry being closer in age to Edmure. Catelyn did not have the same feelings for Petyr, instead she saw him as a brother. Lysa, however, fell in love with Littlefinger
Let’s take a moment to figure out some ages…
Hoster– born between 238-240 AC
Brynden– born 243-245 AC
Minisa– born during or before 250 AC, died between 268 and 278 AC
Catelyn– born 264 or 265 AC
Lysa– born 266-268 AC
Edmure– born between 267-274 AC
Petyr Baelish– born 268 AC
Jon Arryn dies in 298 AC, so it is safe to say that the events of ASoIaF begin in 298 AC. Thus and so-
Minisa is dead for anywhere from 20 to 30 years.
Hoster is anywhere from 58 to 60 years old. 
Brynden is anywhere from 53 to 55 years old. 
Catelyn is anywhere from 33 to 34 years old. 
Lysa is anywhere from 30 to 32 years old. 
Edmure is anywhere from 24 to 31 years old. 
Littlefinger is 30 years old. 
Lady Minis Whent/Lady Minisa Tully
Lady Minisa Tully had died in childbed, trying to give Lord Hoster a second son. The baby had perished with her and afterward, some of the life had gone out of Father. She was always so calm, Catelyn thought, remembering her mother’s soft hands, her warm smile. If she had lived, how different our lives might have been.”
That passage poses an interesting question that I’d like to either address OR keep in mind as we look at Catelyn‘s narrative through ASoIaF. How much different might Catelyn‘s life have been if Minisa Tully had lived and given Lord Hoster a second son? Perhaps a better question- how much different might Lysa Tully‘s life been if her mother had lived? 
If we look at the ages again, Catelyn was between 4 and 14 years old when Lady Minisa passed. In the passage about her mother, Catelyn recalls her mother being calm, having soft hands, and a warm smile. At age 33, I’m not so sure that these recollections would be with her still if she was 4 when her mother passed away. If these memories that Catelyn has of her mother can be trusted, it is more likely that Catelyn was closer to 10 years old. Soft hands and a warm smile are easy enough to attach to the memory of anybody but the fact that Catelyn recalls Lady Minisa being CALM tells me that Catelyn had to be old enough to understand not just the calm demeanor people can have but the effect that demeanor can have on other people close to them. To further support that, Catelyn muses on how different their lives might have been which tells me that Catelyn has a strong and genuine understanding of her mother’s personality and can look back at her life and her family’s life and apply to her experiences how Lady Minisa might have changed things. 
Let’s say for argument’s sake that Catelyn is 10 when her mother dies. That would make Lysa between 7 and 9, Edmure between 1 and 8, and the Tully family ward Petyr 7. Although we have no canon answer, if we look at the Tully ages this way, it is safe to say that Edmure is likely 4 years old on the young side and 6 on the older side when his mother dies. We can reach this conclusion because we know that Petyr and Edmure were very close growing up. We also know that Petyr is close in age to Lysa. Petyr Baelish is the constant in this because we know his birth year is 268 AC. 
My estimation/guess is as follows- at the beginning of the events of ASoIaF:
Hoster is 58-60 years old, fine, whatever. 
Minisa has been dead for 23 years. 
Catelyn is 33 years old.
Lysa is 31 years old.
Edmure is 29 years old.
Petyr is 30 years old.
Edmure‘s age can vary a year either way with ease- 28 to 30, and Lysa‘s age can possibly be 32 but other than those possibilities, I believe this is a fairly accurate accounting of the ages of House Tully as ASoIaF begins. 
We mentioned earlier that Lord Hoster could never sit still and was often traveling. This information is given to us through a Catelyn POV, as is nearly all pertinent information about House Tully. What is the deal with Lord Hoster‘s travels? If Catelyn remembers them so vividly, which she seems to do as it is her POV train of thought that reveals this information to us, then he must have been in the habit of leaving home often for nearly all of Catelyn‘s youth and if Catelyn was 10 when her mother died, Lord Hoster would have had to have been traveling quite often while leaving his Lady Wife at home. 
Why was Hoster traveling so often? There is little question that he loved his wife. He speaks of her on his deathbed and Catelyn remembers much of the life going out of him after Minisa‘s death. That said, does it seem like Hoster Tully had a side piece, or a few side pieces, out in the Riverlands? Or do you think Hoster Tully was traveling for House Tully/Riverlands business?
House Whent of Harrenhal
The main Whent we are looking at is Lady Minisa Whent. However, there is very little to connect her to ANY members of House Whent in terms of familial relations. Despite House Whent being a family and House that seems to stick with the reader throughout the series, there are few members of House Whent that hold any sort of fame among the fandom outside of the most well known WhentSer Oswell Whent of Aerys Targaryen‘s Kingsguard. It is not canon if Lady Minisa and Ser Oswell are from the same branch of House Whent
House Whent is a noble house of the Riverlands and their seat is Harrenhal, the largest seat in the Realm built by the dreaded Harren The Black 300 years before the events of ASoIaF. Their House sigil is 9 black bats on a yellow field. 
The Whents are the 7th in a long line of noble houses to call Harrenhal their seat of power. 
-After Harren of House Hoare was burned alive along with his sons, Aegon Targaryen gave the castle and its incomes to Quenton Qoherys, the master-at-arms on Dragonstone
House Qoherys held Harrenhal for about 36 years. Lord Quenton was succeeded by his grandson Lord Gargon Qoherys. Lord Gorgon was murdered, along with the rest of the castle, by Harren The Red
-For whatever reason, the Targryens gave Harrenhal to Lucas Harroway after the extinction of House Qoherys. Lord Lucas went on to serve as Hand to the King and his daughter Alys would become Prince Maegor‘s second wife in Valyrian fashion. Here there was the drama that The American Tolkien wrote about in The Sons of The Dragon, which was part of a collection of novellas that was put together by Gardner Dozois and definitely not by George R. R. Martin. Long story short- Alys gave birth to Maegor’s child but the child was monstrous in appearance. This totes pissed off Maegor the Cruel and led to him wiping out every Harroway he could find. Maegor threw a contest to decide the next ruler of Harrenhal
-23 knights battled to the death in Lord Harroway’s Town and the winner, Ser Walton Towers was named Lord of Harrenhal. House Towers barely lasted two generations before petering out. 
Ser Lyonel Strong was granted Harrenhal by King Jaehaerys I Targaryen. House Strong sat tight until The Dance of The Dragons. It was rumored that Ser Harwin Strong, Lyonel‘s son was the true father of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen‘s three children. This was never proven or disproved as Lord Lyonel and his heir, Ser Harwin both died in a fire at Harrenhal. Lyonel‘s younger son, Larys succeeded as Lord of Harrenhal and sat on King Aegon II‘s Small Council. Things got complicated for Lord Larys and the end of The Dance of The Dragons had him accused of poisoning his King and choosing death over The Wall. Lord Larys Strong was executed by Lord Cregan Stark, the Hand to King Aegon III Targaryen, thus ending the main branch of House Strong and their rule in Harrenhal.
-Due to some drama between Prince Viserys and his son, Prince AegonKing Aegon III was convinced to named Ser Lucas Lothson, the master-at-arms of The Red Keep as the Lord of Harrenhal after marrying Falena Stokeworth, a noble girl Viserys caught Aegon in bed with, to Ser Lucas. House Lothson seems to have been bad news all around. During the rule of King Aegon IV Targryen, the same Aegon who was caught in bed with Falena Stokeworth as Prince, the daughter of the same Falena Stokeworth and Lord Lucas Lothson, who was awarded Harrenhal for marrying Falena Stokeworth, became one of the same Aegon‘s mistresses. Follow? Basically, as Prince Aegon, he was caught in bed with Falena Stokeworth. His father married her to Lucas Lothson to get her away from court. When he became King, Aegon took the daughter of the noble girl he had bedded as Prince to bed. There was that, and dirty deeds done dirt cheap on the part of the majority of Lothsons culminating with the Lady Danelle Lothson using Black Arts and Magic to cause chaos. House Lothson was exterminated and Harrenhal was given to House Whent, who were bannermen to the Lothsons, but turned on them and helped to destroy House Lothson
That is really the entirety of the canon of House Whent
The members of House Whent that we are aware of are: 
Ser Oswell Whent of The Kingsguard
Lord Walter Whent who hosted The Tourney at Harrenhal of 281 AC and was the brother to Ser Oswell. 
Lady Shella Whent who was Lord Walter‘s wife and, according to Catelyn‘s POV, was “the last of her line, allowing Harrenhal to fall to ruin while using only the lower thirds of 2 of the 5 towers. 
Lady Wynafrei Whent who married Ser Danwell Frey, the 9th son of Lord Walder Frey. 
Lady Sarya Whent who was the 5th wife of Lord Walder Frey. 
-Lady Minisa Whent who married Hoster Tully of Riverrun. 
It may be pertinent to note that Lady Wynafrei and Lady Sarya were unsuccessful in having any children. We already talked about Lady Minisa losing three children and dying during childbirth herself. It is quite possible that the women of House Whent as a whole had difficulty birthing children. 
However, Lady Shella, who had been married to Lord Walter Whent, gave birth to four sons and a daughter, who was the reigning Queen of Love and Beauty at The Tourney at Harrenhal. It was believed that Lady Shella was only a Whent by marriage, thus explaining why she birthed five children. However, later in ASoIaF, it is noted that a character “smithed for Lady Whent and her father before her and his father before him…” This implies that Shella Whent is not a Whent by marriage, but an actual Whent by birth. This also implies that Lord Walter was Lord by marriage and must have been Lady Shella‘s cousin. Either way, the four sons that Lord Walter and Lady Shella had were all dead by 298 AC. Very little to no light is shone on the cause of deaths but it can be assumed that Robert’s Rebellion played a part in at least some of them. In addition to the unnamed sons, the unnamed daughter, The Queen of Love and Beauty, was also dead by 298 AC. Thus and so it is noted by Catelyn that Lady Shella is the last of her line. 
Catelyn does not make any connection to Lady Shella being her grandmother or aunt or any sort of in-law. So it is likely that Catelyn‘s mother, Lady Minisa is not from the main branch of House Whent. Lady Shella goes on to abandon Harrenhal as Lord Tywin Lannister and his Western host approach the castle during the initial stages of The War of The Five Kings. It is later implied that Lady Shella is dead though following that she is alluded to as The Dispossessed Lady of Harrenhal
The wide range of years given to the death of Lady Minisa Tully is based on canon. She would have to have died at least one year after Edmure‘s earliest possible birth year, which would be 268 AC, and prior to Catelyn‘s betrothal to Brandon Stark of Winterfell, which would be 278 AC. Our analysis puts her death in the year 276 AC. Catelyn Tully is 12 years old when she is betrothed to Brandon Stark, which isn’t unusual for noble women but somehow picturing Catelyn as a 12-year-old puts a bad taste in my mouth. 
Going through the canon characters of House Whent doesn’t help me to put a finger on why Lady Minisa is piquing my curiosity. It could be bad practice to bring up a specific thought or idea and have no follow-through for it but at the very least, I think it is important to consider Catelyn Stark with as much knowledge of her mother as possible.
With that in mind, to reiterate- 
Minisa Whent was likely not a member of the main branch of House Whent. She is of no immediate relation to the Whents of Harrenhal and this is odd, frankly. It is odd because Hoster Tully, at the time the heir to Riverrun, the ruling seat of the Riverlands and therefore the Overlords to House Whent of Harrenhal, married Minisa. The best common scenario I can come up with is Robert Baratheon choosing to marry a Lannister of Lannisport instead of Cersei Lannister of Casterly Rock. Minisa Whent seems to come from a 2nd or 3rd tier Whent family. 
I would feel confident saying that Hoster Tully married for love and not duty. If he married for duty, especially considering his future actions with his brother Brynden and the betrothal of his daughters to Great Houses, I would think he would marry either the main branch Whent or Bracken or Blackwood or Vance or Piper, or even a Frey before marrying a second tier Whent. Duty would call for Hoster Tully to shore up alliances before falling in love.
If Hoster Tully married for love, which it seems to me as though he did, does that make him the pot that calls the kettle black? He marries for love but wants his brother and his daughters to marry for politics. 
Catelyn recalls the calming presence that her mother exhibited. Does this imply that Hoster Tully was not so calm? 
Some of Hoster‘s behaviors and decisions that are a tad bit spontaneous or not very well thought out:
– He has difficulty sitting still and would often go off traveling. If the lands he is responsible for are in order and he wants to enjoy the open road, who is to stop him? If he needs to travel around his lands to keep things in order, that is his duty. But it does seem like he gets bored remaining in one place and this is the real reason that he traveled so much. It is also possible that he had a mistress, or a few mistresses, throughout the Riverlands and this is also a spontaneous, fore-sightless behavior for a Lord Paramount.
– He went and arranged a marriage for his brother with House Redwyne– not a Great House but a powerful noble House with wealth and at times the strongest naval might in Westeros. He did not get his brother’s thoughts, feelings, or permission before arranging this marriage. 
– He took as his ward the son of a really minor Lord of a really shitty island because they got on pretty well while they fought a war together. As it happened, the really minor Lord of a really shitty island was himself a hedge knight who was rewarded a really shitty island and his father was a sellsword from across the Narrow Sea. Of course, the ward Hoster Tully took on would go on to manipulate both his daughters and indirectly bring about the fall of House Tully.
– He seemed to have spent his time teaching Catelyn to rule more so than Edmure. Granted, Catelyn is at least 3 or 4 years older than Edmure, and granted Hoster had two sons before Catelyn that did not survive infancy, but compared to the way Edmure is treated throughout the first Act of ASoIaF, it looks as though Catelyn was groomed for rule in more ways than Hoster‘s actual heir. 
– Despite being groomed for the rule and treated as a son in some ways and considered Hoster‘s favorite child, Catelyn goes on to make some whammy fucking decisions once she gets a little whiff of power. Lysa, Hoster‘s second-oldest child, is also not so good with decision-making, though her poor decisions appear earlier than Catelyn‘s as she falls in love with Hoster‘s ward Petyr Baelish and allows him to get her pregnant. 
– The way Hoster deals with Petyr Baelish, which we will look at more in-depth, seems to not have been such a good idea. Considering how things stand for House Tully at the end of A Feast for Crows, Hoster probably should have punished Petyr Baelish more severely for impregnating his one daughter and nearly ruining a marriage alliance made using his other. I feel like most Lords would look at the trouble that has been caused, consider the trouble that could be caused based on the trouble that has been caused, and decide a punishment based on those considerations. 
How do these behaviors and decisions of Hoster Tully relate to Minisa Tully? Maybe they don’t. Or maybe the reason that Hoster loved his wife is that he had the equivalent of Attention Deficit Disorder and could not sit still or think through a decision but the calming presence of Minisa helped walk him through the thought process necessary to rule the Riverlands
Is it possible that Lady Minisa had some input into Hoster’s decision to form a marriage alliance with The Starks
Let’s look at the succession of House Tully for a moment. We don’t know the name of Hoster’s father. We don’t know if Hoster had any siblings other than Brynden. We do know that Hoster Tully succeeded his father as Lord Paramount of The Trident. His heir was his brother Brynden, who seemed more interested in fighting and adventuring than ruling. Brynden would have been Hoster‘s heir by the laws of Westeros, laws that House Tully helped to establish during The Great Council of 101 AC, for at least 5 years. However, Hoster and Brynden had a falling out over the Bethany Redwyne marriage early on in Hoster‘s rule at Riverrun. So let’s say for argument’s sake that for 3-4 years of ruling Riverrun, Hoster had a bad relationship with his heir and no son to succeed him, not to mention he witnessed the death of two sons as infants during that time. 
Having two sons not survive infancy, anger at his heir who was likely gay, and his ascension to Lord of Riverrun could have very well meant the end of the Tully line, is it any wonder that Hoster took great interest in raising Catelyn as though she was his heir. 
Would Hoster have urged Brynden to relinquish his rights to Riverrun, thus making Catelyn his only heir, if Edmure had not been born? It seems like something that Catelyn might do so I would assume that it is something her father would do. 
If Lady Minisa was so calming, why couldn’t she squash the beef between Hoster and Brynden
Catelyn Tully‘s Childhood-
Catelyn clearly had the most alone time with Lord Hoster. Lysa seems like she was dim-witted as a child and by the time Edmure was old enough to comprehend what his father might have tried to teach to him about ruling over people, which in Edmure‘s case would have been like 21 or 22, Petyr Baelish was around and treated like one of the Tully children. I’m sure Hoster spent time enough with Edmure but it is doubtful that it equaled the attention that Catelyn got. 
The death of Lady Minisa and another son doesn’t seem to have rocked Hoster Tully‘s psyche the way it seems like it would have after looking closely at the above observations. However, it is hard to argue that her death would have put great responsibility on Catelyn Tully. Already the eldest of the Tully children, her father’s favorite child, the de facto leader of her siblings and foster brother, and treated by her father as though she was his heir, Catelyn‘s mother’s death would mean that she would now have to also function as The Lady of Riverrun… and this at the age of 10 or 11. 
It is safe to assume the following about Catelyn Tully:
-She was likely given far more attention than her younger siblings because she is the first born and because the two children born before her had died. 
-She was treated by her father, one of the Great Lords of Westeros and ruler of basically everyone that Catelyn ever met, as a first-born son and heir for quite a few years. 
-She didn’t learn enough about the responsibilities of a noblewoman from her mother. Her mother was with child thrice more in the years that Catelyn knew her and was sickly to boot. Also, we talked about Lady Minisa likely being from a cadet branch of House Whent. It is possible that Minisa knew little enough of the responsibilities of a noblewoman of one of The Great Houses.
-She had a lot of responsibility forced on her early on and yet that responsibility was ultimately not so important in the bigger schemes of House Tully
-She experienced all of these things before the age of 12 and at the age of 12, she is betrothed to the heir to Winterfell, Brandon Stark. Brandon will one day be The Warden of The North and rule over a land greater in size than the rest of Westeros put together. So despite her position as the Lady of Riverrun, this marriage will give her more power and put her in a more prominent place. It is also important to note that this alliance seemed very important to her father, who she is well aware has had a great many disappointments and looks more to her for support than anyone else. This alliance also ends up being vital in shaping the Realm heading into the turn of the century, though not in the same way as initially designed by Hoster Tully and Rickard Stark, the Lord of Winterfell and father to Brandon

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