Wait… Hoster and Tywin Did What??? (M.26)

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Born amidst salt and smoke- Just off the Long Island Expressway- Beneath a bleeding star…

The Princes That Were Promised make a pit stop on the Catelyn Stark Memorial Highway– a (fake) highway with tolls every 20 yards, as well as poorly engineered tressels and footbridges that are built so low the tops of SUVs are damaged and 20 car pile-ups occur daily.

Before the events of ASoIaF and shortly after a 12-year-old Catelyn Tully was promised to Brandon Stark of WinterfellHoster TullyThe Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, negotiated another marriage pact with Tywin LannisterThe Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West. This marriage would have been more lucrative for Hosterthan the shipment of his eldest daughter to the cold, hard North.

However, the marriage seems as though it would be beneath the son and heir to Tywin LannisterJaime Lannister, before he was a knight of The Kingsguard, was very nearly promised to Lysa Tully, the second, and possibly stupider, and definitely crazier daughter of Lord Hoster.

John and SeannieWan muse on the reasons why Lord Tywin, at the time The Hand to the King, would have even entertained the notion, let alone pulled the trigger. If not for Aerys Targaryen, as far as the information available, Lysa Tully would have become Lysa Lannisterand The Lady of Casterly Rock. This would have been like… really horrible and probably gross and depressing for Ser Jaime (#PukeCityMayorJaimeLannister).

If Aerys Targaryen prevented this marriage from happening… why would Ser Jaime slay him?

The artwork for this episode was created by Regendy. More of her bright and cheery work can be found right the F HERE. Drop by her page and check out her uplifting works.

The Princes That Were Promised are John and SeannieWan. Every week they tear apart Westeros and sift through the pieces to bring their Leal and Loyal Subjects the history of the Realm and The Known World from both George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fireand HBO’s adaptation, Game of Thrones.

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