Teach Your Children Well, Hoster Tully! (13.2)

Hook, Line, and Sinker, Part 2 or

John v. Catelyn, Round 2



To help Hoster Tully teach his children well, tho can lendeth thine moral and metaphorical support here…

If thoust art more helpful yonder than tho may lendeth thine assitance to thy Lord of Riverrun over there…


…and so The Princes That Were Promised journey down a familiar road full of rage upon which the fine line between the necessity for foolishness to move forward the story and the awe at the finely written thoughtlessness of one noble lady, in particular, is razor-sharp.

Yes, John has been waiting for this episode almost as long as he has been waiting for The Winds of Winter.

A deep analysis of Catelyn Stark has been a royally gestating idea since the beginning of #TPTWP. It was a joke until it wasn’t.

In the first part of Hook, Line, and SinkerThe Wardens of Long Island cover all the bases. The history of The Riverlands is kept brief and the lead-up to the rule of House Tully as Lords Paramount of the Trident is explained with the hopes of shedding light on the dark crevices and recesses that make up the analytical mind of The Lady of Winterfell– Catelyn Tully Stark.

In Part 2, that generation of Tully that is over like The Beatles is looked at through the magnifying glass of judgment. The rule of Hoster Tully, his relationship with his brother The Blackfish, and the childhood of his children is dissected as The Princes That Were Promised gear up for the rollercoaster that is the narrative of Catelyn.

The artwork for this episode is titled Hoster Tully and was created by artist Matthew Klaas deWitte. His outstanding fantasy artwork can be found right the F HERE

The Princes That Were Promised are John and SeannieWan. Every week they tear apart Westeros and sift through the pieces to bring their Leal and Loyal Subjects the history of the Realm and The Known World from both George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and HBO’s adaptation, Game of Thrones.

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Produced by Sean Block with John Khantzian

Edited by Sean Block

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