Riverrun by Martina Cecilia

The featured image for March 2018 is aptly titled ‘Riverrun.’ The term aptly is used to refer to The Princes That Were Promised current series taking a look at The Lady of Winterfell, Catelyn Stark, and her family heritage… and how much John dislikes her.

Riverrun‘ is by Italian artist, Martina Cecilia and her dislike for Catelyn Stark is nowhere near the level of John’s. In fact, looking at this piece, it is likely that the artist actually enjoys the character of Catelyn. To be honest, it is hard not to like Catelyn Tully when viewing her through the artist’s eyes.

The piece depicts a younger Catelyn, with her sister Lysa by her side, and their constant companion in their youth, Petyr Baelish. Petyr was raised alongside the sisters and Edmure, their younger brother, having been brought to Riverrun to ward. Ms. Cecilia does a fantastic job bringing to life the famous auburn hair of the Tullys, as well as the slender, sharp features of a little Littlefinger.

Another accomplishment that the artist makes with this piece is showcasing the beauty of the Riverlands in which House Tully rules. In this one image, the rivers, the green grass, the rolling hills, and the mountains are all featured beneath and behind the youth in the forefront. The sunshine covers the castle of Riverrun as well as the surrounding river and fields highlighting the source of power and leadership that the seat of House Tully is for the Riverlands.

More of Martina Cecilia‘s beautiful work can be found on her homepage and her homepage can be found right the F HERE…

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