NotAPod…cast II

NotAPod…cast II: Revenge of The Windy Winds of a Windy Winter

Tho can listeneth with thine ear-holes where tho art right now…

Or tho can use thine ear-holes yonder…

Dost tho ear-holes belongeth already to another place…

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What began as a minor irritation has blossomed into an anger that cannot be contained within the royal birthplace of such a strong and heavy feeling.

Thus and so, The Princes That Were Promised, a.k.a. The Lords of Chit-Chat, bring a thunderous and inspired Chit-Chat to the very source of the royal rage and frustration- The Big CheeserThe Founder of Modern ProcrastinationThe Father of Gluttons for PunishmentThe Seven That Is One: Mr. George R. R. Martin.

The Winds of WinterGame of ThronesThe Final Episodes, the mistakes, the lies, the horror, the never-ending sadness, and the true truth that is never spoken are all on the Lordly Table of The Lords of Chit-Chat.

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