The Newer News for February 2018

Tho hath madeth it cleareth that tho needeth thine news to be e’en newer than new. Thus and so, thy Promised Princes delivereth the Newest News of all…

Tho can findeth thine needs where thost stand…

Or mayhaps tho needest to go yonder to find thine sanctuary…


It may be that tho wisheth to go to thine place of familiarity… be it so…

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John and SeannieWan throw down the Royal hypothesis as per the information being received via the clearly unemployed men and women that are spending all of their time in close proximity to the closed off production locations of Game of Thrones: The Final Episodes.

The Princes That Were Promised are John and SeannieWan. Every week they tear apart Westeros and sift through the pieces to bring their Leal and Loyal Subjects the history of the Realm and The Known World from both George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and HBO’s adaptation, Game of Thrones.

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