Dragons Everywhere (P.1)

Tho asketh for episodes that be-eth new and giveth upon tho feelings of great excite? Tho haveth best take care of what thine asketh for! Take heed of thy warning before tho listeneth to Prophesies, Dreams, and Visions– a series of words spoken by The Promised Princes that shall long take a virtuous look at the prophetic instances tho hath found in A Song of Ice and Fire. 

Essentially, John and SeannieWan begin a new series of Mini-sodes and sometimes full-length episodes that deal with the endless number of propheciesdreams of prophetic nature, and visions that show characters a glimpse of the future or a zany metaphorical scenario that can be dissected in many ways.

You can listen to the first episode of #TPTWP Prophesies, Dreams, and Visions series right the F’ here…

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…and listen to this brand new episode from where the episodes emerge.

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The first prophecy #TPTWP take a look at is a passage of dialogue by Moqorro, the Red Priest of R’hllor whose destiny brings him together with Tyrion LannisterJorah Mormont, and Victarion Greyjoy over the course of A Dance With Dragons (the fifth and, let’s face it, probably the last volume of ASoIaF). This prophecy is given to Tyrion regarding his future place among the Dragons.

The artwork for this episode is by the very talented Aleksandar Radovanovic. You can find much more ASoIaF-inspired work over at his webpage.

While you are listening, or after you are done listening, or even before you sit down to relax and listen, it is probably a good idea to visit The Princes That Were Promised in all of their Royal homes on the good old Interweb…






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