Prophesies, Visions, and Dreams

The Princes That Were Promised have an exciting list of podcast episodes to bring to the RSS feed in 2018.

Full-size, Westerosi-history, and character episodes include in-depth looks at Melisandre of AsshaiSer Jorah Mormont, the exiled Lord of Bear IslandHouse Martell; and the long-awaited, overdue, thoughtful, sympathetic, and down-to-Earth examination of perhaps the thickest, most thoughtless, most selfish, most self-destructive, and worst matriarch in Westeros– Lady Catelyn Stark.

In addition to these planned full-size episodes, #TPTWP are excited to begin a series covering the countless prophesies of A Song of Ice and Fire. Every other week, beginning 2.20.18, John and SeannieWan will go deep with one prophecy or prophetic vision or dream from George R. R. Martin‘s likely-to-never-be-finished-and-therefore-cannot-be-called-a-masterpiece saga of Westeros.

With all this great content coming down the Kingsroad, it would be ill-advised to not subscribe to The Princes That Were Promised wherever you get your podcasts.


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The Westerosi Companion

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