Merry BRAN-mas and Best Wishes On An-OTHER New Year!

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‘Tis the season to research the Westerosi equivalent of Christmas and come to the sad realization that there is no equivalent. There is nothing like Christmas in America and all the Holidays that try to include Americans that don’t celebrate Christmas in the gift-buying frenzy.

This year, our holiday episode is waaaaaay toned down… but in a sense, it is the most interesting dialogue between The Promised Princes that you will have heard in 2017. And here’s the rub: this was recorded in December of 2016– over a year ago!

Listen as John and SeannieWan discuss some thoughts on Season 7 and immediately realize if they were correct! Use thine ears to experience a metaphorical explosion of words regarding Bran StarkDaenery’s Dragons, and The Others. And what would the Holiday Season be if #TPTWP didn’t drop that verbal assault on the guy that wrote a year end blog about how upset he was that he didn’t finish writing his book… a year before this recording, which was a year ago!

Happy Holidays to the listeners and loyal subjects of The Princes That Were Promised! Thank you for subscribing, spreading the word, giving the show a chance, and listening to what #TPTWP say!

Looking forward to a War for the Dawn in 2018!

The artwork for this episode is titled Bran Stark and Summer and was created by Joshua Cairos. This is the first time the same artist has been used for consecutive episodes and the reason is that this artist is dynamite! Find more of his work right the F HERE.

The rest of this episode’s cover-art was created by some sick b@$%ard who created a meme that, while funny, could be considered despicable from a certain point of view, and whoever took a photograph of George Lucas in a tuxedo at some Hollywood event… presumably a Star Wars Prequel Premiere.

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