The Royal Decree for December 2017

Here Ye! Ye loyal leal subjects of The Promised Princes! Thy followers of thine Wardens of Long Island! Thy listeners of The Lords of Chit-Chat! Thy fanciers of The Watchers on The Couch!
Herein these written words are thy verbal words decreed by The Princes That Were Promised
Firstly, your Crown Princes have had a busy and somewhat stressful month of December with both Royal Family obligations and professional responsibilities regarding the full time jobs thine Promised Princes must work to make the bills be paid… After taking a break for Thanksgiving, the Earth holiday of excessive eating, #TPTWP will take a break for the end of year Holidays. #TPTWP will return with a new slate of episodes and research with 2018. They shall begin the year with some character studies- Melisandre of Asshai; Ser Jorah Mormont, the Exiled Knight of Bear Island; and The Hound, Sandor Clegane all included.
Now for the weak-ass news regarding the properties created by a weak-ass prioritizer and the weak-ass prioritizer himself…
GRRM’s science-fiction story Nightfliers is officially going to series. #TPTWP reported on this months ago but it is now official and it is a slow month for news about Westeros.
GRRM himself spends some time blogging like 700 words about Nightfliers if thou wisheth for some detail…
Kit Harrington talks about being on the opposite side of the camera as a producer and hypes of The Final Episodes of Game of Thrones as being “bigger than it’s ever been,” which is essentially what every cast member has been saying about The Final Episodes and also, for that matter, every other season of GoT that has ever aired since the first.
GoT Season 7 is landing lower than expected on the year-end lists of various publications written by writers that probably only watched each episode once. Although Season 7 was not nearly as complete or accomplished as Season 6, the first 3 episodes alone should have put the season higher on all of these lists. See for yourself. Some writers have solid points about the near-fails of Season 7 and those that say the season would have benefited from more episodes are not at all wrong. That said, Season 7 is a visual spectacle and a great production accomplishment.
Some angry fans have started a Go-Fund-Me account for Ghost so that BigHead-LittleHead, HBO, or whoever is responsible for his complete removal from Season 7 will have the funds necessary to bring him back for The Final Episodes. While this is funny and the lack of Ghost warrants discussion, #TPTWP are keenly aware that Ghost will likely show up during The Final Episodes and sacrifice himself for Jon… hopefully not but Benioff and Weiss don’t seem to see any other reason for the direwolves in the first place.
It has been confirmed, though not officially, that The Final Episodes will not air until 2019.
Therein layeth the highlights of news. Not much to speaketh of and no word on anything that matters.
Happy Holidays to all our subjects across the Realm and Peace on Westeros
The Wardens of Long IslandThe Watchers on The CouchThe Lords of Chit-Chat
The Princes That Were Promised

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