#TPTWP- Episode 12.6 Show Notes…

“Am I The King Now” Asked Robert
     Robert’s REBEL Yell, Part 6
Results of The Sack of Kings Landing-
  1. Jaime Lannister has thwarted a plot by King Aerys II Targaryen to burn Kings Landing with wildfire.
    1. The Mad King concocted this plot after the Rebel victory at The Battle of the Bells, which was the moment that Aerys realized that Robert Baratheon was a real threat to the near-century reign of House Targaryen. Aerys had become obsessed with wildfire and would rather see the substance burn the capital city of Westeros to ashes than to see another man sit his Iron Throne.
    2. Jaime, the youngest knight in Aerys’ Kingsguard, overheard the wildfire planning Aerys had with Wisdoms Rossart, Garigus, and Belis of the Alchemist’s Guild.
    3. Upon the forces of the West entering Kings Landing and revealing their intentions, Jaime, while seeing to the defenses of The Red Keep, receives word that Rossart, now the Hand to the King, was seen leaving the King’s presence dressed as a common man-at-arms. Jaime realizes that he is going to ignite the wildfire caches and takes it upon himself to stop him.
    4. Jaime slays Rossart and pays his King a visit. Aerys realizes Ser Jaime’s intentions and soils himself before the Kingslayer cuts his throat.
    5. Lord Tywin’s men enter the throne room shortly after Jaime has slain Aerys and stare wide-eyed at their liege lord’s son. Jaime sees no reason to explain himself and instead commands his father’s knights to spread word that the King is dead.
    6. Lord Roland Crakehall asks if they should declare a new king, somewhat implying that Jaime looks to have made himself the King. Jaime considers Princes Aegon and Viserys, realizes they are from the same tainted blood as Aerys the Mad. He tells them to declare whoever they like, seats himself upon the Iron Throne with the sword used to kill the King he was sworn to protect, and waits to see who will come to claim the Realm.
  2. Lord Tywin Lannister has chosen a side and proves his loyalty to Robert Baratheon of Storm’s End.
    1. Tywin convinces the Loyalists he is at KL to help his King but the Westermen under his command sack, murder, pillage, and rape the people of Kings Landing the moment they are granted entry.
    2. A force led by Ser Gregor Clegane and Ser Amory Lorch scaled the walls of Maegor’s Holdfast inside The Red Keep. Amory Lorch drags Princes Rhaenys from under Rhaegar’s bed and stabs her “half a hundred” times. The Mountain That Rides enters the nursery and smashes Prince Aegon’s head to pulp in front of his mother, Princess Elia Martell of Dorne. Ser Gregor rapes Elia with her son’s brain on his hand before he murders her.
  3. Lord Eddard Stark arrives at Kings Landing at the head of Robert’s vanguard.
    1. He travels through the city with little difficulty and enters The Red Keep as Lannister men fight the remaining Loyalist forces.
    2. Ned enters the Throne Room and has a stare-down with Jaime Lannister seated upon the Iron Throne. Neither man says a word and eventually Jaime gets up from the Throne and leaves.
     The Rebellion had lost but one battle during their campaign. Robert Baratheon got lucky quite a few times and certainly did not survive his Rebellion without a wound, but all things considered the Lord of Storm’s End has easily won The Iron Throne by Conquest.
     Are the leaders of this Rebellion are as united as they were when Aerys commanded Jon Arryn to prove his loyalty?
     Before we move on to the aftermath of The Sack of Kings Landing- what would you say are the questions that need to be answered or more likely, what is the cause of Robert’s rage that seems to have been brushed aside?
      There are two powers at play before Robert even arrives at KL- Lord Tywin and his Westermen, and Ned Stark and the Rebels. Ned and Tywin have a very real ideaological conflict as to how to win a Throne. Ned has fought this war with honor and glory on the battlefield. Lord Tywin Lannister has not. Ned does not have a chance to solidify power for his friend Robert because Tywin has already done so.
      Neither one of  us agree with Tywin Lannister’s strategy of ending House Targaryen, but if we are being honest, is it a necessary evil for Robert Baratheon to safely sit the Iron Throne?
     Specifics from here on out are not as detailed as they have been preceding.
     Robert Baratheon, wounded from his battle with Rhaegar on the Trident, arrives at KL to find all of the heavy lifting done and a huge steaming pile of political clean-up waiting for him.
     He must try the Iron Throne on for size, for as it is remembered in ASoIaF, Lord Tywin lays the bodies of Princess Elia, Prince Aegon, and Princess Rhaenys beneath the Iron Throne as a token of fealty. The bodies were wrapped in the crimson color of House Lannister to hide the blood. Aegon’s face was mashed beyond recognition so all took Lord Tywin at his word when he said it was Prince Rhaegar’s heir.
     What is important about this little factoid?
      Lord Tywin Lannnister had proved his loyalty to Robert Baratheon, taking care of the dirty work that I’m not so sure that Robert would have had the stomach for otherwise. Robert has claimed countless times the size of his anger at Rhaegar and all Targaryens. Is Robert angry enough and full of enough hate to kill children with his own hands?
     Tywin, the former Hand to the King, has years and years of experience ruling the Realm for Aerys. He was the wildcard during the entire Rebellion and both sides sought to lure him to their cause. He bid his time and when he was confident that one side would emerge victorious, he made his move and did enough to prove himself not only loyal, but an indispensable and absolutely necessary ally.
     Side note- Oberyn Martell, believed that Tywin commanded Ser Gregor and Ser Amory to commit the heinous murders that they did. This command becomes common but unspoken knowledge at Casterly Rock, but as far as the Realm goes, it is implied that Aerys ordered the murders when he realized he would lose the Iron Throne. But Oberyn believed Tywin not only made the order, but he did so because Rhaegar had married his sister Elia and not Tywin’s daughter Cersei.

The Split of Robert and Ned

      Eddard is enraged at Tywin’s actions and the murders of the Targaryen children. Ned said that these murders were unjustified and without any honor. He claimed that these murders actually dishonored Robert’s cause. Robert, on the other hand, saw things more from Tywin’s point of view. He calls the children ‘dragonspawn’ and has no issue with the act. Ned is disappointed by Robert’s acceptance of Tywin’s gift. Ned also argues that Jaime Lannister should be stripped of his white cloak for murdering his King and Robert basically ignores him.
      Jon Arryn, the father figure to both Ned and Robert, is unable to calm either man down and fails to bring them together in their victory. Ned rides South the next day to do what he does best, save Baratheons. He rides for Storm’s End to lift the siege. Ned Stark will fight the final battles of Robert’s Rebellion while Robert sits the Iron Throne.
      Much earlier in the war, forces led by Randyl Tarly, though the victory was claimed by Mace Tyrell, ran Robert Baratheon off from his seat of power. However, Lord Mace made the call to march directly for Storm’s End and put it under siege instead of running down the leader of the Rebellion. Mace Tyrell and the forces of The Reach cut off Storm’s End by land and Lord Paxter Redwyne and the Redwyne fleet cut off the castle from sea. They sat on the castle for the better part of a year and the remainder of the Rebellion, feasting enthusiastically within sight of the castle.
      For the most part, Stannis Baratheon, left with the charge of holding Storm’s End by his older brother Robert, ran a tight ship. There was but one breach in discipline when Ser Gawen Wylde, the master-at-arms and three other knights attempted to sneak out and surrender. Stannis was prepared to give them their wish when they were caught. He planned to launch them via catapault to the Tyrell host. Maester Cressen convinced him not too, claiming that the siege may last until the garrison is forced to eat their dead. He wasn’t wrong, as the garrison at Storm’s End had to eat their horses, dogs and cats. They nearly did eat their dead before Ser Davos Seaworth earned his knighthood by smuggling onions and salted fish past the Redwyne fleet and into the castle.
      The smuggled provisions were enough to help Storm’s End last until Ned Stark lifted the siege. Mace Tyrell was probably feasting when he received word that Aerys Targaryen was dead, House Targaryen had fallen, and the young lord of Storm’s End that he had chosen not to pursue was now King. Indeed, Robert Baratheon was crowned before Ned even arrived at Storm’s End. When Ned and his men appear on the field, Lord Tyrell dips his banners in immediate surrender and scampered off back to Highgarden. Stannis, meanwhile, was not given a reprieve and commanded by his brother to build a fleet and lead an assault on Dragonstone to capture Prince Viserys and Queen Rhaella. Before he does this, he knights Davos for his heroic smuggling- giving him lands, a castle, a war galley, and two more later on for Davos’ sons. Before he does this, however, Stannis cuts off the fingers of Davos’ left hand as punishment for his smuggling past. When Stannis passes this judgement, Davos challenges him to take his fingers himself. Stannis is totally into this and hacks them off with a cleaver. BFF!
      Before we continue with Ned, let’s go back to Kings Landing. Jaime Lannister has still not explained why he slew his King. He says naught about the wildfire plot to anyone for many years. Or did he? If he told anyone, he would have told…
      In the days that followed the Sack of KL, Ser Jaime hunted down the two remaining pyromancers that helped Aerys plan the wildfire plot. He found Garigus first and the pyromancer wept for mercy. Jaime gave him the mercy of a quick death. He found Belis next and Belis offered him gold in exchange for his life. Jaime is like, ‘My father is Tywin Lannister.’ Jaime is the only man left alive that knows about Aerys true plan to combat Robert Baratheon.
      Is the wildfire plot a good enough reason for Jaime to betray his vows to protect his King? Why doesn’t Jaime tell anyone about this plot to possibly have the nickname of Kingslayer dropped altogether?
     Ned has saved Stannis’s ass. He rides south from Storm’s End with six loyal men- men that Ned can trust… Northmen. Ned rides south with Howland Reed, Lord Willam Dustin, Ethan Glover (who had been Brandon Stark’s squire), Theo Wull, Martyn Cassell, and Ser Mark Ryswell. These are Ned’s boys and nearly all of them will be buried in Dorne, far away from their homes.
      Ned is headed for the Tower of Joy. His sister Lyanna is there and is being guarded by arguably the three most skilled and deadly of the Kingsguard- Ser Gerold Hightower, the Lord Commander, Ser Oswell Whent, and Ser Arthur Dayne- the Sword of the Morning and considered by many to be the greatest knight in the Realm.
      Without going too deep, because we have gone through this to a great degree, do we know for sure how Ned knows to find Lyanna at the ToJ? How do we theorize that Ned knows to go there? How do we theorize that Ned decides to not tell Robert? How do we theorize that Ned decides to only bring the most loyal of his Northern buddies?
      According to Ned’s fever dream in GoT, five of the seven Northmen fall in battle against the three knights of the KG. The KG knights fall in battle as well and only Ned and Howland Reed survive. Ned finds Lyanna at the ToJ and she dies shortly after, making him promise her something that he remembers as a great burden.
      Ned tears down the ToJ and uses the stones to bury the eight men that died in battle beneath it. He travels further south to Starfall so he can deliver Dawn, the ancestral sword of House Dayne, to Ser Arthur Dayne’s sister, the Lady Ashara.
      We are told that Lyanna’s death helped to reconcile Robert and Ned. But that’s all we are told. We have spoken to this before but what does Ned tell Robert about Lyanna’s death and what do we believe is the time-line from the ToJ to Ned’s return to Winterfell as Lord and Warden of the North?
      Queen Rhaella Targaryen and her son and Aerys’s new heir, Prince Viserys Targaryen, had been sent to the island of Dragonstone with the Red Keep’s master-at-arms, Ser Willem Darry. There, Viserys was crowned by his mother,[while on the mainland, Stannis Baratheon began constructing a new royal fleet to lead an assault on Dragonstone.
      In 284 AC, nine months after the flight to Dragonstone, Rhaella died in childbed, giving birth to Daenerys Targaryen during a great storm that destroyed the Targaryen fleet which had been at anchor at the island. With most of the Targaryen fleet destroyed, and with the Baratheon fleet ready to take Dragonstone, the household of the last Targaryen stronghold was willing to sell the children to the new king, Robert I Baratheon.
      Commanding from the decks of the war galley Fury Stannis set sail with the new royal fleet to capture Dragonstone. The garrison of its castle was ready to sell Viserys and the infant Daenerys to the Baratheons. However, just before Stannis sailed, Ser Willem Darry, the former master-of-arms of the Red Keep, led four other loyalists in smuggling Viserys, Daenerys, and a wet nurse from Dragonstone under cover of night. They sailed for the Braavosian Coastland across the narrow sea
Stannis’s assault on Dragonstone was successful and he conquered the island and its castle in the name of King Robert I Baratheon
      With the conquest of Dragonstone, the Targaryens lost their last holding in the Seven Kingdoms Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen lived in exile with Ser Willem Darry at the house with the red door in Braavos until Darry’s death
King Robert I Baratheon granted Dragonstone to Stannis Baratheon, making him Lord of Dragonstone. The island castle was traditionally the seat of the crown prince, the Prince of Dragonstone, so Robert honored Stannis by granting him the seat of the heir to the Iron Throne. However, Robert was also furious that the Targaryen children had escaped before Stannis arrived, and he granted the ancestral Baratheon seat of Storm’s End to the youngest brother, Renly Baratheon, which Stannis resented as an intentional slight.
      Robert named Jon Arryn his Hand of the King. Robert had no wish to marry following the death of his betrothed, Lyanna Stark, but Jon Arryn convinced him otherwise by informing Robert that the realm was in need of an heir. Arryn suggested Lord Tywin Lannister‘s daughter, Cersei, as the marriage would ensure Tywin’s support, should Viserys Targaryen ever attempt to win his throne back.
      Surely Tywin must have expected this, no? To what extent do you think Tywin Lannister had to spell out his demands for helping Robert to win the Throne? Was this just Jon Arryn’s idea for Robert to marry Cersei Lannister?
      The deaths of Princess Elia Martell and her two young children, Rhaenys and Aegon Targaryen, enfuriated House Martell. Prince Oberyn Martell, Elia’s younger brother, attempted to raise Dorne for the exiled Viserys. Messages were sent by both raven and messenger, though their contents have remained a secret.
      Jon Arryn went to Dorne the year after the rebellion, returned the bones of Prince Lewyn Martell, and sat down with Doran Martell, the older brother of Elia and Oberyn, and the Prince of Dorne. Talk of war ended after this visit. However, during his stay in Sunspear, Jon Arryn was “questioned closely” regarding the fates of Elia and her children. A hundred others were questioned as well.
      The new powers of Westeros…
      The allied enemies under Robert’s rule…
      The cracks in unity that spur the Greyjoy Rebellion and Wo5K years later…

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