“Am I The King Now?” Asked Robert

Robert’s REBEL Yell, Part 6

Thou shalt find thineself able to listeneth hereth…

Or thou shalt find thine ability to listeneth thereth…


If thou shalt not listeneth hereth or thereth, then thou shalt be able to listeneth wherevereth thineself wisheth…

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Kings Landing, the capital city of Westeros, and most of the Riverlands (as usual in any military conflict) is all F’d up because of war. The men responsible for the Rebellion that went and messed up the Realm suddenly find themselves with the responsibility of cleaning everything up.

Robert Baratheon went around kicking ass in battle but finds himself having to kick ass politically and the young Lord of Storm’s End and now King of The Seven Kingdoms is just not mentally constructed for such things. Ned Stark is super pissed off that Tywin Lannisterand his son Jaime have won the war for his side using deceipt and treason. Jon Arryn just wants everybody to get along. Doran and Oberyn are already plotting the downfall of House Baratheon before Robert is even crowned…

OH! And Stannis has had a difficult year.

TPTWP bring a conclusion to Robert’s Rebellion and go through all the aftermath and issues the new regime faces.

The artwork for this episode is titled Usurper and was created by Noble–6. His work can be found right HERE.

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