Lord Tywin Calls an Audible

Lord Tywin Calls an Audible- Robert’s Rebel Yell, Part 5

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The Promised Princes return from their Thanksgiving hiatus with a vengeance.

Rhaegar Targaryen has fallen at The Trident to Robert Baratheon’s warhammer. The repercussions are immediately felt throughout Westeros and the revolution picks up its pace.

Upon word of Prince Rhaegar’s death, House Greyjoy sets sail to throw their fate in with the Rebels, Tywin Lannister finally stirs at Casterly Rock and marches east to King’s Landingwith the powers of the Westerlands, and The Mad King completely loses his s@#%.

TPTWP focus this week is The Sack of King’s Landing and the pieces moving into place for this horrible, war-ending event.

The artwork for this episode is titled AGOT:Tywin Lannister and was created by Tiziano Baracchi. More of his work can be found RIGHT HERE.


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