Robert’s Rebel Yell

Herein layeth they Royal words that tho can heareth with thine ear holes-

Thine ear holes can liseneth here…

Or thine ear holes can listeneth yonder…

A third option for thine ear holes is to leaveth thine ear holes where thine ear holes haveth always been…

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The Wardens of Long Island dig deep into the Realm-wide conflict that is known as Robert’s Rebellion. The timeline begins immediately following the narrative of their Southron Ambitions episodes as King Scab (good old Aerys II Targaryen) sends his swiftest Royal raven to The Eyrie with a message politely asking Lord Jon Arryn for the decapitated heads of both his wards- the brand-new Lord of Winterfell Eddard Stark, and Lord Robert Baratheon of Storm’s End. If he had thought to oblige his King, it takes but one look at Ned’s puppy-dog eyes and Jon Arryn is convinced that he cannot do what is demanded of him.

Bend the knee HERE…

Send a raven HERE…

Have a bowl of infamous Flea Bottom brown HERE…

Go on a tour of The Red Keep HERE…

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