The Royal Decree for October 2017

The Royal Decree for the 10th Month of the Year 2017

Herein layeth thy Royal words as spoken by thy Royal mouths reverberated through thy Royal vocal chords as originating in thy Royal brains, brought to you by thy Royal pen with a Royal feather held in the not-so-Royal hand and written in conjunction with the non-Royal wrist connected to a servant Royal only by whom they serve, upon Royal parchment and transcribed unto thine Royal internet…

Released as these Royal words are written down, The Book of Swords, an anthology edited by the Imaginary Gardner Dozois, and featuring short stories by Robin Hobb, Daniel Abraham (who is in fact two people, neither named Daniel or Abraham), and, obviously, somewhat painfully, George R. R. Martin (whom we wish were two people to double the chances of TWoW).

Mr. Martin’s contribution to the anthology is titled The Sons of The Dragon and tells the story of Aegon the Conqueror’s two sons- Aenys and Maegor– as though you were reading a textbook. This tale is another outtake from The World of Ice and Fire encyclopedia book that was published… what… 5 years ago…?…jk… like 3 years ago?… 4? It matters little.

It seems as though there is something to purchase every year that has been created by Mr. Martin and is set in Westeros, but with each passing year, it seems as though we are further and further away from the possibility of reading The Winds of Winter. It’s incredible.

Perhaps one of us thought we would not purchase this anthology book as a way of protest but… one of us did. One of us also read The Sons of The Dragon and very much enjoyed it.

Mayhaps a review will be posted on the podcast feed soon. It dependeth on the bedtime of the Royal stepson…

Very little news as fareth as A Song of Ice and Fire and The Winds of Winter go, but there is Game of Thrones news galore…

The Princes That Were Promised have already commented on the directors for Season 8 and as far as our Royal persons are concerned, this is still the biggest news to emerge from HBO. The details can be found here.

TPTWP also reported on Kit ‘Jon “Aegon ‘Jon Snow’ Targaryen” Snow’ Harrington’s engagement to Rose “Ygritte” Leslie. Obviously, we are of the belief that the dude can do better. In what we view as a total POWER MOVE, Mr. Harrington has “asked” the producers to delay production of Season 8 a few days so that the entire cast can attend their wedding.

It’s possible that the request was granted because he is Jon Freaking Aegon Targaryen Snow, but it is also possible that HBO wants to keep on delaying the inevitable.

Although… there is a new wrinkle in the theory of delaying Season 8 to maintain subscribers!

But not really…

HBO subscription has increased with each season of GoT and decreased as each season ended. This tells us nothing except that those people only subscribe to HBO for Game of Thrones… and that HBO might be too expensive.

INTERESTING: HBO revenue fell 22% with the end of Season 5 of GoT, 40% with the end of Season 6, and only 7% with the end of Season 7.

So subscriptions have dropped but not nearly as much as previous years. HBO takes this as excellent news and is an interesting new drama, a successful second season of Westworld, and a great idea for a GoT prequel away from a successful transition to post-GoT network life!

HBO was lucky while Season 7 was airing. There were just shy of a trillion leaks over the airing of 7 episodes and it seemed that each leak led to record-breaking viewership. HBO is not going to tempt fate a second time, however. It would seem that the expensive network is going to actually beef up the digital and analog security surrounding the most-watched premium cable television show in history.

In what is now a yearly-ritual, Liam “Davos Seaworth” Cunningham drops the juicy pre-production quotes.

In the “Duh” section of the news- the Per Episode Production Budget has ballooned to 15 Million American dollars.

We would wager that this budget will balloon out a bit more before production is over and done with.

Most likely, production will last until the middle of 2018 and this confirms that The Final Episodes of Game of Thrones won’t air until 2019.

Game of Thrones Tourism has become big business for Northern Ireland and understandably so as many iconic scenes can be visited by fans of the program. However, one set has been closed because of the damage that stupid humans are doing to nature.

Although his score for Season 7 wasn’t (nearly) as memorable as previous seasons, Ramin Djawadi is going back on tour with his orchestra.

As Royal concert-goers for his first tour, The Princes That Were Promised highly recommend shelling out for this experience.

Speaking of music(als)- if you can’t afford to go and see Hamilton, or if you can’t imagine any scenario ever in which you shell out the amount of money those guys are asking people to pay to watch them flop around a stage- Game of Thrones:The Musical is coming to Broadway and this is not to be taken seriously at all. We are totes in! Check out the Jon Snow Emo Vlog for an idea of what thou art in for…

Jane Goldman, who is responsible for two of the best X-Men movies, has finished the pilot script for her GoT spin-off prequel and TPTWP are running out of ideas for what these prequel proposals could possibly be. Seriously though- every possible spin-off proposal is completely vague except that each is a prequel to the events of Game of Thrones and readers of A Song of Ice and Fire will recognize the broad strokes of the story being told. What then are the possible subjects being adapted?

Well: Aegon’s Conquest (which TPTWP deem most likely to be ordered to series) would be best as its success could spawn more tales from Westeros and the story already has dozens of interesting characters built in based on lore told in ASoIaF and GoT.

The Dance of The Dragons which tells the story of the Civil War within House Targaryen between Aegon II and his half-sister Rhaenyra over their father Viserys I Targaryen’s crown.

The First Blackfyre Rebellion telling the struggle between Daeron II Targaryen and his half-brother Daemon I Blackfyre after their father King Aegon IV Targaryen legitimized his slew of bastard children upon his deathbed. It is unlikely that this very interesting and exciting tale is told as it presents difficulties in relation to Game of Thrones, which itself makes little to no mention of the very important Blackfyre branch of House Targaryen*.

The Young Dragon’s Conquest of Dorne tells the tale of King Daeron I Targaryen and his 4-year invasion of Dorne.

A wildcard possibility is The Sons of The Dragon which is the story told in The Book of Swords anthology that was released as this is being dictated. It tells the story of Aegon Targaryen’s two sons Aenys and Maegor, their conflict with each other and The Faith of The Seven as Westeros comes to terms with being ruled by the Valyrian Dragon Riders.

All of these periods in history would make for great episodic television and a great follow-up to GoT. It is likely that the stories with dragons would be a series before any stories without dragons.

Finally, HBO is showing a lack of spine by apologizing for David Benioff and D.B. Weiss‘ new series Confederate. Confederate is a show set in an alternate timeline of U.S. history in which Jefferson Davis and company won the American Civil War and slavery is still legal in modern-day America.

Perhaps the material is not appropriate in a world where we can’t address things that were/are evil- like slavery. But that is a lot like not learning from mistakes. Confederate may be very relevant to our current socio-economic issues, or it may not be. But it examines what could have been and it is important to examine what could happen if things are absolute and choices are made that are less for America and more for a few Americans. Whatever the F that means.

This month, The Princes That Were Promised return to A Song of Ice and Fire and hopefully the transition is really smooth. The Wardens of Long Island return and follow up the Season 7 coverage with Robert’s Rebellion… Or The War of the Usurper.

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