Idiot’s Guide to Southron Ambitions, P.1

The Wardens of Long Island return to tackle the Prelude to The War of the Usurper that is Rickard Stark and his Southron Ambitions. Are the Southron Ambitions an enormously complex plan to overthrow the Targaryen dynasty? Or are they simply Rickard Stark’s desire to travel South during the really rough parts of Winter because his bones are aching and he doesn’t quite feel as young as he used to and he would like to see some hot Dornish ladies in the medieval equivalent of bikinis before his idiot son (and heir) does something stupid with that old-gods-damn juvenile temper and complete lack of foresight and the temper-tantrum in question puts Rickard in a position where he has to deal with problems he believed he was done dealing with once BenJen was chamberpot-trained?

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The artwork for this episode of #TPTWP is titled ‘Brandon Stark- The Wild Wolf‘ and was created by Mike Hallstein. More of Mr. Hallstein’s incredible work can be found                  Right The F’ Here….

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