The Royal Decree For September 2017

Hear ye! Hereth be thy stage for the Royal words of Thine Promised Princes, delivereth to thou via the Royal Brains to the Royal Mouths to the less-than-Royal ears of the Royal Servants to the less-than-Royal hands and scribbled upon a Royal pad, then transcribed to the Royal website via the Royal Wi-Fi. 

The Penultimate Season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is over and done with. As far as production and execution, Season 7 started off as strong as Season 1… before stumbling at the midway point and half-hopping/half-striding across the finish line. As far as Viewership, profit, and word-of-mouth hype, Season 7 is the most successful run of television episodes in the history of premium cable.

By The Numbers-

Season 7

  • 7.1- Dragonstone– 10.11 million viewers/4.7 share- with DVR- 12.74 million viewers/5.8 share
  • 7.2- Stormborn– 9.27 million viewers/4.3 share- with DVR- 12.37 million viewers/5.7 share
  • 7.3- The Queen’s Justice– 9.25 million viewers/4.3 share- with DVR- 11.97 million viewers/5.4 share
  • 7.4- The Spoils of War–  10.17 million viewers/ 4.6 share- with DVR- 13.94 million viewers/6.3 share
  • 7.5- Eastwatch– 10.72 million viewers/5.0 share- with DVR- 14.41 million viewers/6.6 share
  • 7.6- Beyond The Wall– 10.24 million viewers/4.7 share- with DVR- 13.98 million viewers/6.3 share
  • 7.7- The Dragon and The Wolf– 12.07 million viewers/5.7 share- DVR information TBD

Series To Date

  • Season 1– 2.52 million viewers average per episode with 3.04 million viewers high mark (Fire and Blood 1.10).
  • Season 2– 3.80 million viewers average per episode with 4.20 million viewers high mark (Valar Morghulis 2.10).
  • Season 3– 4.97 million viewers average per episode with 5.50 million viewers high mark (The Climb 3.6).
  • Season 4– 6.84 million viewers average per episode with 7.20 million viewers high mark (Mockingbird 4.7).
  • Season 5– 6.88 million viewers average per episode with 8.11 million viewers high mark (Mother’s Mercy 5.10).
  • Season 6– 7.69 million viewers average per episode with 8.89 million viewers high mark (The Winds of Winter 6.10).
  • Season 7– 10.26 million viewers average per episode with 12.07 million viewers high mark (The Dragon and The Wolf 7.7).


In case The Storyteller isn’t busy enough, all of his superfans have gotten together to start an academic institute with the intention of, we’re sure, throwing expensive balls and galas that will keep TWoW from ever being published.

The Martin Studies International Network is the first scholarly association devoted to the work of George R.R. Martin. It is dedicated to academics and fans of the worlds created by George R.R. Martin. Its aim is to provide George R.R. Martin’s work with the academic and expert attention it deserves.” –


‘The Mystery Knight,’ the third chapter of the Dunk and Egg story has been released in graphic novel form, adapted by the team of Ben Avery on script and Mike S. Miller on art.


Elio and Linda discuss annulments in Westeros. Elio is happy he decided to skip season 7, having a general idea of the plot lines.

That’s all well and good, Elio, but your boy isn’t meeting any reasonable deadlines of any kind and he is kind of a millionaire a few times over because HE SOLD THE TELEVISION RIGHTS to the story we would all prefer to read. He did this. Him. The guy you just started an international slap-him-on-the-ass society for. 


Con of Thrones is set for May 25, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. Mayhaps #TPTWP will roll up and smack some knowledge around…


The Lannisters and The Targaryens are all tied for third as highest paid television actors in a drama.


Instead of proofreading a chapter or two of TWoW, GRRM finds time to tell uninterested people that five GoT prequel shows are in pre-production stages. This shows two things- GRRM needs a professional psychologist to keep him focused on what’s important, and HBO is very very worried about life post-GoT.


Season 8 has started pre-production, at least according to this article which uses the ‘Season 8 Starts Pre-Production‘ headline to fool you into reading an interview with the dude that played Dickon Tarly.


As far as The Princes That Were Promised– with the end of Season 7, we will be taking a week off and return with our Season 7 review episode. Ravens have been sent to Uncle Pyp to see if he is available to join us. Once the review is done, we shall be returning to The Storyteller and exploring the deeper crevices of Westeros and The Known World.

We Royally appreciate you joining us for our Season 7 coverage. Classic episodes from our archive will be posted during our week long vacation that you will find both informative AND entertaining. 

Thus and so it is spoken and it hath been written…

The Wardens of Long Island

The Watchers on The Couch

The Lords of Chit-Chat

The PrincesThat Were Promised

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