The Seven-Pointed Star #4 – ‘The Spoils of War’

The 4th Edition of The Seven-Pointed Star follows much the same format of the previous three, except this time around The Princes That Were Promised had to really work hard to pull some positive out of this episode.

The Loot-Train Battle… Scorpions vs. Dragons… The Golden Company… The Dothraki Military… Arya Fighting Like Neo… Tyrion Stuck In The Middle… The Stark Reunion… all of this and more as #TPTWP put on their The Watchers on The Couch masks and go deep on episode 7.4 of HBO’s Game of Thrones – ‘The Spoils of War.’ 

Herein lyeth thine listening pleasures…

If thou art of thine preference to visit thy homepage to thine Promised Princes…

and if thine listening pleasures is of thy preference to heareth thine Princes voices upon thine mobile device of devilry, thine must chooseth thine poison…

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And it would be in thine own best interest to…

Bend The Knee

Send a Raven

Study at The Citadel

Visit Flea Bottom

or enter The Red Keep

Taketh thine time to leaveth thine review of thy Promised Princes…

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