Crow’s Landing


This image is a gorgeous piece of digital artwork created by Ertac Altinoz.

Titled ‘Crow’s Landing,’ the scene depicts Euron Greyjoy, the second-born son of Quellon Greyjoy, as he strides ashore Old Wyk where he was chosen by the Ironborn Captains and the Lords of The Iron Islands to be their King. Nagga’s Bones are off in the distance and give the entire image an outstanding sense of depth.

Yara Greyjoy (or Asha Greyjoy depending on who you ask), Euron’s niece and opposing claimant for the Seastone Chair, looks confident as she awaits her uncle’s embrace. Beyond Yara stands a priest of The Drowned God. This priest is not Aeron Greyjoy!

Remaining in the rowboat that brought Euron to the ancient shores of Old Wyk from his sea vessel, The Silence, is an interesting group of characters. The dark-skinned robed man standing at the back with flowing white hair and a tattooed face is unmistakably Moqorro, a faithful follower of R’hllor and Priest for The Lord of Light. 

To Moqorro’s right appears to be an older, bearded man, who might pass as Ironborn if not for his own garments being a tad bit too fancy. So who is this guy? Even his staff is too ‘new.’

Across from this mystery man is another mystery man, but his origins should be easier to figure out. Euron Greyjoy is known as The Crow’s Eye for what his nephew Theon calls ‘a black eye shining with malice’ which Euron keeps covered with an eye patch. The Crow’s Eye sailed The Silence across The Known World raping and pillaging wherever he wished. One of the results of this was a slew of bastards that Euron himself called ‘Mongrels.’ All crew members of The Silence have their tongues pulled from their mouths and ergo, are unable to speak.

I thought that the third man in the rowboat was one of The Crow’s Eye’s mongrel bastards. However, it makes more sense that the third man is a Warlock of Qarth. If I’m going to imply that the third is a Warlock of Qarth, I may as well go so far as to say that the mystery man with the fancy staff is also a man of faith. Perhaps a Faceless Man.

I believe Euron is greeting the opposition for The Seastone Chair with a few of the different religions from around The Known World that he is familiar with and has made sacrifices to. This is not a scene that has occurred in either A Song of Ice and Fire or in Game of Thrones but rather an interpretation of The Kingsmoot from A Feast For CrowsMoqorro was not with Euron at The Kingsmoot but The Crow’s Eye spoke to the Captains and Lords about his familiarity with all the gods of The Known World as well as his courageous travels throughout.

It is canon that Euron has dealt with the Warlocks of Qarth. There is no source that implies he has had dealings with The Faceless Men, however. That said, it isn’t very hard to make those connections. Euron Greyjoy is not only the King of the Iron Islands and the North but he has placed himself in the middle of all the different religious throughout The Known World as well as any group with a political or military goal for Westeros post-The War of The Five Kings.

More mysterious than who the men in this rowboat are and what their goals are is what Euron Crow’s Eye intends to do and what his goals are.

You can find more of Ertac Altinoz’ phenominal ASoIaF/GoT work at his Deviant Art page-

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