The Watchers On The Couch:Season 3, Part 2


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The Princes That Were Promised debate the nature and traits of those characters that propelled forward the narrative of the 3rd Season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. 

Again, they follow the perfect list of character archetypes for Game of Thrones, and really any of TV’s current Golden Age of Big, Epic, Serialized Dramas-

The Status Quo – That character that best represents the current state of affairs as well as the ideological direction in Westeros.

The Protagonist – That character that champions for the Status Quo or fights to keep the Status Quo, possibly for reasons of self-preservation but more likely for reasons of loyalty.

The Antagonist – That character fighting to topple the Status Quo or bring about great change in Westeros. This is likely a Lord or Noble Lady of a Rival House or enemy.

Chaotic Good – That character with little to no allegiance to the Status Quo that fights for personal or familial reasons. The unplanned result of their decisions and actions works as a positive for the Status Quo.

Chaotic Negative – That character also with little to no allegiance to the Status Quo that fights for a personal or familial reason, yet one of the results of their actions works against the Status Quo as a negative.

Oncoming Threat – A very strong threat to the Status Quo of Westeros, be this character a Usurper or an ancient rival or a Great House from a distant land. The Status Quo is aware of this great challenge and prepares for the conflict that will soon arrive.

Existential Threat – This character represents possibly an even stronger threat to the Status Quo of Westeros. However, the difference being here that the Status Quo is not aware of this threat that could change all… and… well, neither is the Threat.

So join John and SeannieWan and get with the program because Season 7 is upon us and there is a lot to rewatch and review.




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