The Latest Royal Decree

Updates for the Week of May 7th

Greetings Leal and Loyal Subjects…

We concluded the first leg of ‘The Watchers On The Couch Official Game of Thrones Rewatch’ and our Commentary episode will hit the feed Thursday 5/11. #TPTWP will be joined by our favorite guest, P.Blizz.

With Season 1 in the review mirror, John and SeannieWan will begin their episodes revisiting Season 2. Look for those to hit the feed shortly.

Basic numerology tells us Season 3 will follow Season 2, so on and so forth, but what has The Princes That Were Promised most excited is that when the Rewatch is over, Season 7- the first part of the 13 episode final run for the series- will be hitting airwaves.

In between the Rewatch episodes, The Lords of Chit-Chat may make an appearance to discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.2, Alien:Covenant, GRRM’s inability to stop sabotaging his legacy and any other science-fiction/fantasy topics they want to discuss.

Items of note…

The song during the GoT Season 7 teaser is one SeannieWan should have caught earlier- Sit Down by James, who are responsible for one of SeannieWan’s favorite albums of the 90’s- Laid.

Brilliant (and we use that term sarcastically) tweet by Random House and #GRRM’s editor Anne Groell. We replied but 140 characters aren’t enough to communicate how backwards this TV adaptation has become for Mr. Martin, his editor, and his publisher.

HBO has curated images from the upcoming penultimate half-season and strategically released them via regular George R. R. Martin lackey and propagandist publication,  Entertainment Weekly. If you’re as tired of reading EW’s regular brown-nosing of this incredibly talented, creative, imaginative and unbelievably lethargic fantasy writer as we are, you can find the images on #TPTWP Facebook page.

And the most important item of note for this week?

If you haven’t heard about it and you listen to this podcast, then you are breaking the King’s Law and may find Good Ol’ Ned at your door, asking you to come out so he can behead you…

HBO is currently considering 4 (that’s right- FOUR) different Spin-Off projects to follow the end of Game of Thrones in 2018. The good news here is that obviously, we will still get Westerosi stories as we continue to wait for The Son of Kong. The bad news is that our fearless leader is involved in the pre-production of 2 (that’s right- TWO) of these Spin-Off programs.

This leaves The Princes That Were Promised to ask the question-

“What could possibly be going through #GRRM’s mind?

And we would have to then ask the follow-up questions-

“How many GRRMinions (an idiotic name for Yes-Men) and actual Yes-Men is this man surrounded by? Why does nobody have the courage to guide him toward good choices or teach him time management? Does his publisher not realize how much money they have lost and will still lose?”

But that’s just us. You can bet that The Lords of Chit-Chat will tackle this story and comb through it thoroughly.
In the meantime, you can read all about it here.

Our leal and loyal vassals! Your loyalty to your Princes is obvious and none would ever question your intentions.

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